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Bohemian Style still rocking!

I fell in love with Bohemian style a few years ago. The funky and fun looking of this style is so easy to put together, not to mention comfortable. After many years working on a strict dress code which allowed only formal suits and high hills, this is a total escape, a so much craved freedom of those uncomfortable garments. Boho style can be dressed up or dressed down, it is a new way to explore…

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Cleveland event approaching

I’m very excited about this event.It is my first time participating as an artist and I can’t wait to showcase my designs.

Just in!!

Adorable green tone lanyard to brighten up your day! What a lovely way to add that an extra touch to your look before head out to work.

Eternal jeans

Great article about out beloved jeans… Enjoy!

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Art Show in Cleveland Ohio

Awesome event happening in Cleveland this month. Spectrum is hosting an event that will bring runway shows, films, paintings, photography, apparel, accessories and more.

Help make it happen for Hannah Z. Grand Opening! on @indiegogo

Timeless lace….

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